Where Ray Vines got his name

MSU computer science student & rising star comedian Ray Vines [ @ray_vines_ ] says he was nicknamed ‘Ray’ after a video game character. 🎮

“I was very good at🎮 computer gaming, thus my friend nicknamed me Ray from a video game character Ray Den 🥋(from mortal kombat)”, said Ray Vines speaking to the Southern Times newspaper.

👉Born Melusi Chiripowako about 19 years ago, Ray Vines started doing his short videos or vines🎥 in April 2018 and has so far produced more than 70 some of which have gone 🌟viral on social media.

Many across the Southern African🌍 region know him for his famous hilarious clips ‘No to xenophobia’ and ‘How to survive in South Africa’ which went viral in August and September 2019 respectively.👌

Both clips are on the satire of the ills of how some South Africans were killing and looting from fellow African brothers🎥. With over 500 000 views on digital platforms, Ray Vines became popular for his comic clips.💯

Ray Vines has also gone commercial💰 , turning his brand into a business which includes selling of 👚merchandise under the brand #mukukuzvi.

👉Mukukuzvi creative hub is an institution that promotes talent within the young people in Zimbabwe. Mukukuzvi means to gather fish with nets and is mainly used by the fishermen🎣 from the Zambezi area.

Ray Vines’s comic clips😎 have given him a platform to use his talent to advertise other companies 💰and that has given birth to the idea of intensifying his entrepreneurship ideas.🙏