7 Workouts You Can Do With Your Partner At Home

👉Even if gyms are closed due to the corona virus pandemic, you can make fitness part of your🏋️ lifestyle at home by working out with a friend, sibling or partner.

Partner workouts are generally a fun way to spend time together,👌 bond and push each other to achieve your goals.❣️

🤗Do not forget to warm up before these exercises and to do some cool down stretches🤸 straight after.

👉And remember, build up slowly, because some of these drills are tough!✊


7 Workouts You Can Do With Your Partner At Home
  • Begin standing side by side, one meter apart, facing opposite directions.
  • Go into a low squat at the same time.
  • From the bottom of the squat, simultaneously jump up.
  • During the jump bring your arms overhead and clap your inside hands together at the height of your jump.
  • Land into a squat again.
  • Do 12 times, then switch sides.


7 Workouts You Can Do With Your Partner At Home

For this exercise decide who is partner A and who is partner B.

  • Partner A positions themselves in a high plank: arms straight, wrists in line with shoulders and core engaged.
  • Partner B stands at Partner A’s feet, facing the same direction.
  • Partner B safely holds then lifts Partner A’s ankles one at a time – at this point Partner A is in a “wheelbarrow” position.
  • Simultaneously: Partner A lowers into a push-up (maintaining strength and stability) and Partner B lowers into a squat (while holding Partner A’s ankles).
  • When Partner A pushes up and returns to the starting position, Partner B stands.
  • Do 12 reps (repetitions), then switch roles.


7 Workouts You Can Do With Your Partner At Home
  • Partners stand facing each other at arm’s length with feet hip-width apart.
  • Grasp each other’s forearms and grip securely.
  • From there lower into a squat position (send the hips back, bend both knees equally and engage the core).
  • Hold the squat position for about three seconds, then return to starting position.
  • Do 12 reps.


7 Workouts You Can Do With Your Partner At Home

For this exercise again decide who is partner A and who is partner B.

  • Begin back to back in a side plank position.
  • Partner A supports their weight on their right hand (feet stacked with right foot on the bottom) and left hand extended straight up.
  • Partner B supports their weight on their left hand (feet stacked with left foot on the bottom) and right hand extended straight up.
  • Both individuals are to engage their core and lift their hips.
  • Partners tap hands together overhead.
  • Partners bring hands down across front of body (rotating slightly) to tap hands together underneath their torsos.
  • Do 12 reps, then switch sides.


7 Workouts You Can Do With Your Partner At Home
  • Begin facing each other in a high plank position.
  • Perform a push-up simultaneously (keep legs straight and engage the core).
  • At the top of your push-up position, lift the right hand and tap your partner’s left shoulder.
  • Do 12 reps while alternating the shoulder that you tap after each push-up.

For this exercise, the following accommodation can be made for those who struggle with high plank push-ups:  you can perform the push-up on your knees.


7 Workouts You Can Do With Your Partner At Home

Again decide who is partner A and who is partner B.

  • Partner A lowers into a squat position and extends both arms straight out.
  • Partner B lifts knees high, trying to get each knee to the height of Partner A’s arms.
  • Partner B performs high knees by running in place, drawing knees up toward chest (engage the core and keep the back straight).
  • Repeat for 30 seconds, then switch roles.


fitness plank push up - 7 Workouts You Can Do With Your Partner At Home
Image: Luis Quintero/Unsplash
  • Partners begin facing each other in a high plank position (at least one meter apart).
  • Both partners simultaneously lift their right hand and reach out across to tap the other persons hand.
  • Do this for 30 seconds while alternating between opposite hands.

Students’ protests ‘Pfeeeeee’ as kombi fares hike

By Staff Reporters

2 minute read

As the economy continues to spiral out of control, with basic commodities’ prices shooting up, students haven’t been spared from the madness.

From the 50cents, that was already too high for them, UZ students woke up to find that there’ll be yet another adjustment to their budgets.

UZ students - byo 24
UZ students protests. Credit:

“Kana zvikanesta toenda netsoka” was the new slogan at the University of Zimbabwe today as students protested against the newly introduced kombi fares of 75 cents, which rendered their daily dollar deals obsolete, taking away the value a single dollar had in their lives.

Speaking to Campus Moments Magazine, a UZ student only identified as Tkay condemned the hike as daylight robbery, arguing that it was not consistent with their budgets.

“Its not fair you know, we are only students and are not working and we cant cope with these fares. My ‘coin’ has lost its value and my budget is already strained for me to squeeze out $1.50 for transport,” Tkay said.

In a short video in possession of this publication, students were chanting slogans and vowing to resort to walking than to pay the extra $0.50 cents for a return trip on top of the dollar they were used to paying

This challenge hit hard especially students who stay away from the college premises.

Another UZ student, Tariro Mandiri said, “I paid $0.75 today, they were not negotiating anything. I think we are the most affected and we wouldn’t have to worry about all this if we had enough accommodation in rez.”

According to Tawanda, a kombi driver who ferries UZ students, the ongoing economic crunch and fuel shortages in the country is what has necessitated their unwelcome review of prices.

combi pic

“If you look closely, as commuters, we have been reluctant to react to the ongoing economic challenge, but at the end of the day, we are in this for profits. Everything has gone up, and if we continue charging what we were charging, we would better park these vehicles,” said Tawanda.

Another kombi driver, Nicholas Chebvute argued that the fuel queues were also eating into their productive time, forcing them into the black market.

“To be frank, if we are to follow the queues, it would be hard to make anything,’ Chebvute said, “so we are forced to buy from the black market where a mere 5 litres costs $10 where as I could get the same at a very reasonable cost of about $7 but we are a time sensitive businesses and we cant spend more than an hour in a fuel queue because that is a complete trip.”

As the economy continues on a downward path, the students’ community has continued to press the government to take the necessary steps to abate the situation so as to save the future of the nation littered across colleges.

If you are student in college and would like to write on this platform, get in touch with us here:


Miss Nust 2017 (Official Video)

Just a little reminiscence for you this winter. Watch in 15 minutes and see how lit Miss NUST 2017 was. It was awesome. Like, subscribe and share the video. Courtesy of CM Mag and Rasheed Tv Network.