7 Workouts You Can Do With Your Partner At Home

👉Even if gyms are closed due to the corona virus pandemic, you can make fitness part of your🏋️ lifestyle at home by working out with a friend, sibling or partner.

Partner workouts are generally a fun way to spend time together,👌 bond and push each other to achieve your goals.❣️

🤗Do not forget to warm up before these exercises and to do some cool down stretches🤸 straight after.

👉And remember, build up slowly, because some of these drills are tough!✊


7 Workouts You Can Do With Your Partner At Home
  • Begin standing side by side, one meter apart, facing opposite directions.
  • Go into a low squat at the same time.
  • From the bottom of the squat, simultaneously jump up.
  • During the jump bring your arms overhead and clap your inside hands together at the height of your jump.
  • Land into a squat again.
  • Do 12 times, then switch sides.


7 Workouts You Can Do With Your Partner At Home

For this exercise decide who is partner A and who is partner B.

  • Partner A positions themselves in a high plank: arms straight, wrists in line with shoulders and core engaged.
  • Partner B stands at Partner A’s feet, facing the same direction.
  • Partner B safely holds then lifts Partner A’s ankles one at a time – at this point Partner A is in a “wheelbarrow” position.
  • Simultaneously: Partner A lowers into a push-up (maintaining strength and stability) and Partner B lowers into a squat (while holding Partner A’s ankles).
  • When Partner A pushes up and returns to the starting position, Partner B stands.
  • Do 12 reps (repetitions), then switch roles.


7 Workouts You Can Do With Your Partner At Home
  • Partners stand facing each other at arm’s length with feet hip-width apart.
  • Grasp each other’s forearms and grip securely.
  • From there lower into a squat position (send the hips back, bend both knees equally and engage the core).
  • Hold the squat position for about three seconds, then return to starting position.
  • Do 12 reps.


7 Workouts You Can Do With Your Partner At Home

For this exercise again decide who is partner A and who is partner B.

  • Begin back to back in a side plank position.
  • Partner A supports their weight on their right hand (feet stacked with right foot on the bottom) and left hand extended straight up.
  • Partner B supports their weight on their left hand (feet stacked with left foot on the bottom) and right hand extended straight up.
  • Both individuals are to engage their core and lift their hips.
  • Partners tap hands together overhead.
  • Partners bring hands down across front of body (rotating slightly) to tap hands together underneath their torsos.
  • Do 12 reps, then switch sides.


7 Workouts You Can Do With Your Partner At Home
  • Begin facing each other in a high plank position.
  • Perform a push-up simultaneously (keep legs straight and engage the core).
  • At the top of your push-up position, lift the right hand and tap your partner’s left shoulder.
  • Do 12 reps while alternating the shoulder that you tap after each push-up.

For this exercise, the following accommodation can be made for those who struggle with high plank push-ups:  you can perform the push-up on your knees.


7 Workouts You Can Do With Your Partner At Home

Again decide who is partner A and who is partner B.

  • Partner A lowers into a squat position and extends both arms straight out.
  • Partner B lifts knees high, trying to get each knee to the height of Partner A’s arms.
  • Partner B performs high knees by running in place, drawing knees up toward chest (engage the core and keep the back straight).
  • Repeat for 30 seconds, then switch roles.


fitness plank push up - 7 Workouts You Can Do With Your Partner At Home
Image: Luis Quintero/Unsplash
  • Partners begin facing each other in a high plank position (at least one meter apart).
  • Both partners simultaneously lift their right hand and reach out across to tap the other persons hand.
  • Do this for 30 seconds while alternating between opposite hands.

Africa University Community Integration Night: Gallery

Africa University’s Student Affairs department organized a Community Integration Night on Friday 2 November dubbed “Back to the roots”

It was an 80s themed night. Have a look

Students came to the party in full swing, clad in a combination of flashy, multi-colored, tight and over-sized garments.

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Back to the roots of 80s

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Dressing for your body shape

Nyasha Matongo | Nust ZW 19′
4 minute read

I’m sure almost every lady has walked into a shop and bought some clothes only to be disappointed when she looked at herself in the mirror. The clothes don’t look so great on her. Studies have revealed that 98% of women do not know their body shapes and that is why they have trouble shopping for the right clothes for their body. In my previous post I talked about dressing mistakes that ladies make but, at times you actually think you have nailed it when it’s a disaster just because you are wearing an outfit that is not meant for your body shape. So how do you get to know your body shape and dress accordingly? Lets get right into it shall we?



What you should wear: Go for empire dresses which slim down your tummy and define the narrow parts of your body. Floppy tank tops or empire line tops would look great on you also. Long tunics will help slim your your torso and would look even more fab with skinny jeans. Classic jeans or boot cuts would be perfect. By the way ladies with this body shape usually have lovely legs so you might just want to consider wearing high-low skirts or dresses.


Image result for rectangle body shape

What you should wear: Belts should be your thing. Belts define your waist and add a more curvy look and I’m sure you’ll love them too. You can also try out pencil skirts with a side slit they’ll look good as well. The best part is you look great in colourful bottoms and prints so go ahead, try some. Try rounded or curved shoes to add more shape to your body.



What you should wear: I’m sure you’re very familiar with this body shape but it could be very tricky. Wear tank tops to show off your arms and add a jacket to add more volume to your upper body. One simple way of rocking this body shape is by wearing off-the-shoulder or single arm tops to balance your shoulders and hips. For your pants, bootlegs (full length), full leg line or ankle length straight pants would look awesome.

Inverted triangle


What you should wear: The trick for this body shape is creating a balance between the upper body and lower body to draw away attention from your shoulders. Go for V-neck, square or cowl neck tops or dresses to reduce your shoulder width. Wearing stretchy tops will also make you look slimmer. Try wearing well fitting blazers and blouses in dark colours to balance off your body. High waist, layered or fuller skirts will add instant curves and yea, you DO have them. Skirt lengths can be short and flared or long and flowing.



What you should wear: Instead of hiding your curves, you should actually consider showing them off. Hourglasses come in petite, medium and bulk sizes so whatever size you are, embrace those curves. Wear two-piece dresses, pencil skirts or anything that accentuates your curves and smooths your thighs. Belts and peplum tops should be on your list as well to create that edgy look. Avoid baggy clothes that conceal your shape making you look bigger and older.

So which one is your body shape?

From left to right: circle, rectangle, hourglass, pear, inverted triangle

Looking and dressing good is not about which body shape you have. I know society believes that certain body shapes are the true definition of being a woman when its not true. The perfect body shape you can ever have is the one you have right now because it makes you uniquely you. Never allow social perspectives to kill your self esteem. Instead, identify your body shape, wear what suits your body shape and be confident about it. Take time to research on what you are supposed to wear and be the lady God made you to be. The girl who loves her body and owes no one an apology for being created in a certain way. You are special and be-you-tiful in God’s eyes so go ahead, dress accordingly and be the best version of you.


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