Students’ protests ‘Pfeeeeee’ as kombi fares hike

By Staff Reporters

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As the economy continues to spiral out of control, with basic commodities’ prices shooting up, students haven’t been spared from the madness.

From the 50cents, that was already too high for them, UZ students woke up to find that there’ll be yet another adjustment to their budgets.

UZ students - byo 24
UZ students protests. Credit:

“Kana zvikanesta toenda netsoka” was the new slogan at the University of Zimbabwe today as students protested against the newly introduced kombi fares of 75 cents, which rendered their daily dollar deals obsolete, taking away the value a single dollar had in their lives.

Speaking to Campus Moments Magazine, a UZ student only identified as Tkay condemned the hike as daylight robbery, arguing that it was not consistent with their budgets.

“Its not fair you know, we are only students and are not working and we cant cope with these fares. My ‘coin’ has lost its value and my budget is already strained for me to squeeze out $1.50 for transport,” Tkay said.

In a short video in possession of this publication, students were chanting slogans and vowing to resort to walking than to pay the extra $0.50 cents for a return trip on top of the dollar they were used to paying

This challenge hit hard especially students who stay away from the college premises.

Another UZ student, Tariro Mandiri said, “I paid $0.75 today, they were not negotiating anything. I think we are the most affected and we wouldn’t have to worry about all this if we had enough accommodation in rez.”

According to Tawanda, a kombi driver who ferries UZ students, the ongoing economic crunch and fuel shortages in the country is what has necessitated their unwelcome review of prices.

combi pic

“If you look closely, as commuters, we have been reluctant to react to the ongoing economic challenge, but at the end of the day, we are in this for profits. Everything has gone up, and if we continue charging what we were charging, we would better park these vehicles,” said Tawanda.

Another kombi driver, Nicholas Chebvute argued that the fuel queues were also eating into their productive time, forcing them into the black market.

“To be frank, if we are to follow the queues, it would be hard to make anything,’ Chebvute said, “so we are forced to buy from the black market where a mere 5 litres costs $10 where as I could get the same at a very reasonable cost of about $7 but we are a time sensitive businesses and we cant spend more than an hour in a fuel queue because that is a complete trip.”

As the economy continues on a downward path, the students’ community has continued to press the government to take the necessary steps to abate the situation so as to save the future of the nation littered across colleges.

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Semester Welcome Back Bash…Winky D To Dish Out Latest Album

by Bongani Ndlovu
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A day after Zimdancehall exponent Winky D launches his much-anticipated album Gombwe tomorrow in Harare, fans in Bulawayo will have a chance to sample his latest offering as the Gafa is making his way to the city.

National University of Science and Technology will be a buzz on Saturday evening as Winky D and his Vigilance Band rolls into the city for a show there called the Semester Welcome back Bash.

On stage he will be performing with hip hop artiste ASAPH, DJs Mzoe, Nospa, Vicvado, Bold and Khosa during the festivities to be held at Nust Grounds.

“For the Bulawayo fans we are performing at Nust Grounds and we promise new stuff during the show…”

Winky D has been sharing preparations for the album launch and his manager Jonathan Banda said Bulawayo fans should expect new things.

“Preps for the album launch have been going along well. In fact we’re staggered at the response from fans in terms of tickets sold. For the Bulawayo fans we are performing at Nust Grounds and we promise new stuff during the show,” said Banda.

He said copies of the album will be sold at the show.

Fans in Harare will be the first to hear what the Ninja President has in store.

Harare International Conference Centre is the venue and he would be supported by a plethora of local and regional dancehall artistes.

At the same time Winky D launches his album he celebrates his 35th birthday.

For the past two years, it has been a tradition that Winky D, towards the end of the year, releases a blockbuster like in 2015 when he unleashed Gafa Life with the runaway hit Disappear. In 2016 he released Gafa Futi — Chiextraterrestrial. However, last year, as the festive season was getting into gear, Winky D announced that he would not be launching an album.

The self-proclaimed Messi weReggae has already whetted the appetite of fans with singles Madrinks MuCup and Dzemudanga which were given heavy rotation during the festive season.

The last time Winky D released a song on his birthday was in 2014 when he dropped Paita Party which became a national anthem.

Article originally appeared in the Chronicle.




Arts Reporter |@campusmoments13 | Nust-ZW

A part two Finance studies student, Freilich Tinomuvonga Mutombwera, also known as Twyz, has completed recording a blockbuster album in Harare which is expected to be available on NUST campus by end of November.

Having performed at the 22nd NUST graduation ceremony on 4 November 2016, graced by His Excellency the President of the Republic of Zimbabwe and Chancellor of the University, Cde Robert Gabriel Mugabe, T Wyz decided to travel and record an album in Harare during the semester break (soon after the performance).

“I felt encouraged performing at the ceremony in the presence of the Chancellor and celebrating with about 2 000 graduands. I also managed to rope in promoters who helped me record my album in Harare,” said T wyz.

T Wyz boasts of a long catalogue of songs from his previous album and singles collection. Among his songs include Wendy, Handigeze and Handichakuda. In a way to promote his upcoming album, the Handigeze hit maker has been sampling new songs in the NUST Delta garden (a chilling zone for students on campus).

The hard working artiste fuses dancehall, reggae, jazz and other contemporary sounds. He is positive about the success of his yet-to-be titled album and has pegged $1 for each CD to be sold on campus.

WhatsApp Image 2016-11-15 at 20.45.20.jpeg

“Our album stand will be at Delta NUST gardens but we will also ensure some team members move around campus selling discs to fellow students. Discs will be sold on campus for $1,” said Twyz.

Meanwhile, T Wyz is coordinating with two on campus clubs to support his album. These are College Youth Art Club (CYAC) and NUST Business Networking (NBN). The fastest rising artiste wants to involve NUST learning community for the success of his yet-to-be named album.

“As NBN, we welcome T wyz’s new album. The album comes at the right time when NBN is running a successful #BuyNustCampaign to encourage NUST learning community to support creative, innovative and productive students.

NBN will join Twyz as he would be meeting his fans and selling his new album. Through supporting student enterprises and works, NBN understands that students will make money to help their parents in paying some expense incurred during the semester,” said Crispen Rateiwa, chairperson of NUST Business Networking.

Twyz performs with a live band. His versatility and artistry is beyond measure. Playing a guitar and singing simultaneously makes him the most-sought-after entertainer on campus. Unlike some students who shun extra curricula activities, T wyz balances academics and music successfully. Nothing separates him with his guitar. He takes it everywhere including lectures.



Stunner, Sulu take new albums to Nust Graduates Party

Muscians Sulumani Chimbetu and Stunner will tonight perform tracks from their new albums for the first time in Bulawayo at the National University of Science and Technology (Nust).


The two artistes will headline the annual Nust graduation bash which will also feature Garry B, Templeman, Bulawayo’s female DJ Liz, Fire and United Kingdom-based King Alfred.

Stunner will perform songs from his latest album, If I Die Tonight, while Sulu will sample songs from his forthcoming album.

Stunner, a top rated hip-hop star recently who shared the stage with music superstar Oliver Mtukudzi last Saturday at the Castle Lager Biggest Braai, launched his album in August.

Stunner’s album carries tracks including Ndiri Humble, Inna Mi Head featuring Jamaican Sir Ford, Impilo Yethu featuring Albert Nyathi and Hatirevi Nyambo featuring Jah Prayzah.

Sulumani, who is set to launch his forthcoming album anytime soon, will also take the opportunity to sample new tracks from his yet-to-be-titled album.

Sulumani Chimbetu 

“This is the first time coming to Bulawayo after I launched my latest album in Harare. If I Die Tonight is coming to Bulawayo for the first time. It’s a privilege to share the new music with my Bulawayo people, we promise nothing, but a killer show,” Stunner said.

Sulu’s publicist, Joe Local, echoed the same sentiments with Stunner.

“This is going to be a good show. Fans should expect new music from us. We will sample new stuff from our forthcoming album for the first time in Bulawayo. Everyone knows what we do, we don’t disappoint and we will not disappoint the students on their last day at varsity. A top drawer performance is what we promise and will deliver,” Joe Local said.

Show organiser, Samuel Saungwemi, confirmed that all was in place for the big day.

“All is in order now and this is going to be a big day for music lovers and especially the graduands. This is their last dance as university students and we will do it in style. All the artists have confirmed their participation, we will have everything for everyone from hip-hop, house, dancehall and sungura,” Saungwemi said.



The album titled ‘PaChinhoyi’ seeks to advance the idea of togetherness and celebrates the beauty of African resorts among other issues.


CHINHOYI UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY School of Art & Design to release debut album this month!

CUT15 is an Afropop music group based at CUT which started last year when students and staff came together and record a track titled ‘Beautiful Zimbabwe’. The group aims to facilitate creative expression among students, staff and the larger community.

CUT school of Art and Design Dean, Dr Wonderful Bere said a number of strategies have been put in place to maintain and grow the band adding that as part of the university vision, the band will launch its first album on the 14th of this month.

CUT15 band manager, Russell Chawabvudza said the band will continue to be a permanent feature of the university as it comprises students and staff. He said the album titled ‘PaChinhoyi’ seeks to advance the idea of togetherness and celebrates the beauty of African resorts among other issues.

College and school bands normally falter if talented students leave institutions but the Chinhoyi University is now working on new strategies aimed at countering the challenge. Source-ZBC ONLINE NEWS-



by K Cheryl Mwanza | Episode #13

What is this about exactly?”

“We just want to talk, Mrs. Mtandwa.” Detective Sergeant Brandon Makiwa said as he gathered his hands on the table in the conference room.

“Call me Jaylee.” She said quickly. “What is it you want to talk about?”

“Your fight with Debra-“


“She was found dead-“

“Debra is dead?” Jaylee asked with an expressionless face as she began to drum the table with perfectly manicured nails. “A part of me wants to be happy she’s gone. But being married to Nyasha has taught me something, and it’s that some little girl is going to come along and occupy him again.” She rolled her hands then crossed her hands. “You people think I killed her?”

“Did you?”

“No. I didn’t have to. In fact I didn’t need to. His affairs usually fizzle out with time. If that doesn’t happen, I just have to call my father. Nyasha is who he is because of my father’s money, and he damn well knows it.” She said then blinked once. It was the first time that Makiwa noticed how cold her eyes were. She was very beautiful and very intimidating. Her eyes were hollow and dry, and so was she. “I married that guy because I loved him. Ten years of my life I spent on him, and I got a broken jaw for it.” She looked straight into Makiwa’s eyes then added, “Will you arrest me for totally breaking him?”

“I don’t follow?”

“The mother of his child just died. He is obviously broken. I want to totally destroy him by taking away the only thing that is keeping him sane. His company.” She added in icy calmness, Makiwa didn’t feel comfortable interviewing her even further.

Nyasha had arrived at the station when Jaylee was long gone. He was however close to Debra Chimhepo, and he found himself on the other end of a desk in Detective Chief Inspector Tanaka Dube’s office. With her was Detective Mudiwa Chiwenga.

“He is here for his wife and seeing that she is not in here-“

“You were close with Debra, weren’t you? The two of you even had a son.” Chiwenga said instead.

“He is not answering any questions. If you think he’s guilty of something then charge him. Otherwise we are out.” Matthew said as he helped his friend up.

“You are under arrest for statutory rape.” Dube said as she produced handcuffs.

“Rape has to be reported. Otherwise you cannot charge him.” Matthew said.

“I know.” Dube said as she cuffed Nyasha. “I’m not doing this because I want him convicted. I mean, I want him convicted but her mother approved the relationship. All I need is for enough journalists to see him in cuffs and to write about how, with the help of his lawyer, he made a 15 year old pregnant and probably killed.”

“Ok, stop.” Nyasha said in a softer tone. “I will tell you everything you need to know about my relationship with Debra, if you take the chains off. Detective, my relationship with my wife is hanging in the balance, and will not survive something like this. Please.”

“You talk to these guys and you are going to be public news. Your relationship with Jaylee will be doomed.” Matthew said.

“It’s doomed either way.” He said turning to detective Dube. “I will tell you anything and everything you need, detective.”

“How do you sleep at night, detective?” Matthew asked in disgust.

“Better than you.” Dube hissed. “Debra was as old as your first born daughter when she had Nyasha’s baby. As a father, how do you sleep at night?”

Matthew grind his teeth as he clenched and unclenched his fists. He was so close to Dube he wanted to strangle her. To tear her apart. To destroy her. How dare she challenge him like that? Mudiwa drew out his gun and let it known to Matthew that one slip and he was going to shoot. Matthew swallowed hard then stepped back turned around and left.

“What do you want to know?”

“Initially we wanted to talk to you-just to talk. But your friend put on such a fierce fight to prevent that from happening, I want to know what it is you are hiding.”

“I am not hiding anything.”

“Then WHY would Zvinavashe vehemently deny you to talk to the police?” Chiwenga demanded.

“Half of my company is his. He stands to lose as much, if not more, if I get caught up in a scandal. So, what is it you want to know?”

“Debra’s killer picked her up in a really nice place-“

“Really nice place?” He said as he sat up straight. “Debra says that about The Pink Dollies. We have been to many exclusive restaurants, but she referred to only the Pink Dollies as nice. Where those exact words that were used?”

“Something like that. Why?”

“Then that means she was talking to strangers again. And her death might be really my fault.” He said cracking up. “You see, we were supposed to go a date to the Pink Dollies to celebrate our one year anniversary but I cancelled last minute?”

“Why?” Chiwenga asked.

“My marriage is on the rocks and my company is hanging in the balance. I might have loved Debra, but Jaylee is my life line. I had to make a choice.”

“You chose Jaylee.” Chiwenga said angrily.

“Don’t judge me.”  Nyasha snapped defensively. “You think it was easy for me to do that? I had been looking forward to our date, and it was just as hard on me as she was on her!”

“You said something about her talking to strangers. What was that all about?” Dube stepped in to try and diffuse the tension that was building in the room.

“Whenever I missed a date, she would go to the Pink Dollies, get drunk and end up pouring her heart out to some lonely random woman that she would have met in the bar.”

“Why would she do that?”

“She said there were things she couldn’t talk about with her mother because her mother wouldn’t understand. She found it much easier to go home with some random women, and I always told her that was dangerous. I always told her that one of these days she would end up-“, He stopped himself from finishing the sentence. Instead he said, “In moments when she was really raw with emotion, she would turn to women she considered mother figures.”

“In a bar?” Chiwenga asked.

“She did the strangest things when she was drunk.” He said with a nervous sad laugh. “The strangest.” He whispered.

“So there was no way she would have left the bar with a man?”

“No way. I know-knew her and she would never leave a bar with a man who wasn’t me. You see I was her first-“

“Too much DETAIL man!” Chiwenga yelled out in disgust.

“You didn’t let me finish. I was her first boyfriend. After we had our son, her focus was solely on me. Debra was capable of anything except that.”

“Thank you, Mr. Mtandwa. If we need anything, we will be in touch.” Dube said as she stepped in front of Chiwenga.

Once Nyasha was out, she turned to Chiwenga who looked back at her unapologetically.

“I understand you feel that Debra’s life was cut way too short, and you want justice for her, but she was just guilty as this man.”

“How would a girl from Hunyani Creek come to know about the Pink Dollies?” He asked. “Without him, she would be alive today.”

“You can’t know that for sure.”

“Why are you taking his side? He exploited a vulnerable kid! He robbed her of her INNOCENCE and he participated in her death! He should be jail.”

“Mudiwa.” She said softly.

“NO!” He banged the door after himself.


“Is Mudiwa going to be okay?” Detective Inspector Qiniso Dhlamini asked as Dube joined her and Makiwa.

“I don’t know.” Dube sighed then said. “Let him sit tonight out. So what do we have on the girl that was picked up at the airport?”

“Gono is with her right now.” Makiwa answered. “I made a call to the Pink Dollies and they confirmed that Debra was there and that she was also drunk out of her mind. And here is the best part-“

“She left with a woman?” Dube asked.

“Yes. The waitress said the woman is well in her forties, even though she takes care of herself. She is beautiful with a dark complexion and expensive taste. The waitress said that Debra was pouring out her mind and soul to this woman like they knew each other, even though they had arrived separately.”

“What do we have on CCTV footage?”

“They don’t have any. They take the privacy of their clientele very seriously.”

“Well, the description they gave fits Sasha Mubaiwa.” Dhlamini said as she produced a khaki file. “Sasha’s husband just filed for divorce, and the two have been leaving separately for a month. Her job as a defense lawyer is hanging in the balance as well. She is being investigated for witness intimidation and evidence tampering. All of this happened at the same time and around the same time as when she crossed path with Cynthia. What is really interesting is that, during Sasha’s tenure as High court judge, ten people landed on death row and three were executed.”

“Sasha is slipping off then she meets Cynthia whom she feels weirdly connected to, and then these women who remind her so much of  past that she wants to forget.” Makiwa said.

“Do we have anything on Sasha Mubaiwa during her early days? The author despised her mother and that is the reason for the killings right. We need something to support that, otherwise we don’t have a case.”

“Anything below 20 years is sealed.”

Just then Detective Keegan Gono entered the working area with a file in his left hand.

“Do you have something for me?” Dube asked as she made some notes on the murder board.

“Yes. Karen Chimuti said that Martin Gondo gave her the bag. She swore on her mother’s life.”

“And you believed her?” Dube asked.

“Considering she almost died when I placed my gun on the table, yes. I have already called to have in brought him in, and we are in for a treat. His lawyer, Sasha Mubaiwa answered the phone and they are coming together.”

“We are fairly certain now that the author is a woman. However, we cannot totally rule the idea of a male killer out. Where would Martin have found Laura’s bag?” Dube asked.

“Maybe Sasha gave it to him.” Dhlamini said as she concentrated on a cell phone that she had in her hand. “According to the GPS on Laura’s bag, before the bag found its way at the airport in was in two places. The first place, being a house in Westlea. The same house where Laura was held captive.”

“So we think Sasha might have done this right? Why don’t we do a little experiment to be sure?” Gono said, and everyone turned to look at him. “The second letter specifies that the author’s attention was grabbed by the scent our victim had on, right? Why don’t we find someone who resembles both out victims and have her wear the same exact perfume. We monitor her and hopefully catch Sasha in the act.”



Nyasha went straight to his office after his trip to Harare. Not wanting to face either his friend or his wife, he knew being at his company would afford him that. He wanted to mourn the death of the woman he loved in peace. He found a lone envelope on his desk, and he opened it without a second thought. He felt himself crumble to pieces as the letter began to make sense in his head. Jaylee Nyoni had just divorced him.



by K Cheryl Mwanza | Episode #12

Nyasha Mtandwa nodded his head as the last of the board members exited his office. As if he didn’t already have a headache over the shaky nature of his marriage and how that could bring down his entire empire, Debra had turned up dead. Murdered even. He felt tears burning holes in his eyes, when he thought about her death. Her mother had called her crying her eyes out, and had it not been for Jaylee, he would have immediately rushed to be with them.

Nyasha Mtandwa owned an IT company that had been an overnight sensation and had catapulted him to dizzy heights.

He was the son of a bank security guard and a maid, who worked in the mansions in Rosemary that is how he met his wife, former model and socialite Jaylee. Jaylee’s father was very wealthy, nobody knew why, and he was the reason why Nyasha had become the man he was today, successful and rich.

To the outside world, Nyasha Mtandwa had it all. A revolutionary company, a beautiful wife and a life of fine dining and expensive cars, but three years in, and he was ready to kill himself than face Jaylee again. The only problem, he was a greedy coward. Even when he had met the woman, or girl depending on how one chose to see it, of his dreams who had given him the one thing Jaylee could not, an heir, he still clung to Jaylee and allowed himself to be controlled by her father’s money. His one true love was dead, and all of a sudden Jaylee and her father’s money stopped being all that. At this moment, he would have given anything, absolutely anything to have Debra back with him now.

The anniversary of their first date had been a few days ago. It was their fifth anniversary, and it was an even bigger deal to Debra. A few days before she had turned 19, and in Rosemary she was considered an adult, which meant the both of them could enjoy their favorite restaurant without anyone bothering them about the age difference, or calling Nyasha a rapist. Debra had been looking forward to the date all year round, and when it had finally come, Nyasha was unable to attend.

Jaylee had discovered Nyasha’s infidelity a month and a half ago, and what had made her even more furious was the fact that the affair had resulted in a child. Jaylee had confronted Debra, and had her collarbone and jaw broken in the process. Debra was arrested, Jaylee was hospitalized and Nyasha’s reputation hung in the balance. He had to make a choice, he had chosen Jaylee, and Debra had turned up dead.

He punched his desk as he got up. Just then the door was opened and his good friend and lawyer, Matthew Zvinavashe walked in. Nyasha managed a smile as he extended his hand to shake Matthew.

“Come on, this is no time to be formal.” Zvinavashe said as he went on to hug his friend. “How are you holding up?”

“Mr. Nyoni is on his way from Hong Kong and my relationship with Jaylee has been far from perfect.”

“I wasn’t talking about that. I meant about Debra dying. Your father called me, and soon as I was done with my meetings I came here.”

“I still can’t believe it, man.” He said turning away from Matthew. “I have to think about my son now.”

“That’s kinda why I am here. With the state your relationship with your wife is, and the way things are generally going, I would suggest you leave your son with his grandmother. Be involved in his life as best as you can, and when he is old enough, and you are stable enough, you can bring him to live with you.”

“I am stable now. I mean everyone goes through grief!”

“I meant financial stability.” Zvinavashe said calmly. “You are still very much owned by Nyoni and his family. If you bring our son into the spotlight now, you are most likely going to lose everything.” He paused then added, “I don’t want you wearing your emotions on your sleeve. You need to work on your marriage and prioritize Jaylee, and show her father that she is the most important thing in your life. Do we have that clear?”

“The mother of my child just died. How can you ask me to do that?”

“She is dead and that is sad. But you are alive, and are about to be become a very poor man with a much damaged reputation. The choice is yours.”

He looked back at Matthew now deep in thought. He had come too far to watch everything just slip away from him like that. But at the same time the woman he loved, and the mother of his child had just died. He looked away from Matthew and back out of the window then swallowed hard.

A deep silence fell over the room, and amplified his confused thoughts to the point where he felt his head was about to explode and make a mess of his office. The silence was disrupted by his secretary, Yolanda, who burst into the room with horror written all over her face.

“What is it?” Matthew asked.

“Mrs. Mtandwa was just picked up by Harare CID police.”

“What?” Nyasha screamed. “They can’t honestly think Jaylee would be capable of killing Debra. I mean she can’t. She is not!”

“Thank you Yolanda.” Matthew said as he released the secretary. He then turned to his friend, and in a low stern voice he said, “I know you must be in a very bad state right now, but need I remind you of what’s at stake here? This is Rosemary, the grapevine in more effective in ways that will destroy you. Watch what you say, alright.”

“What do I do now?”

“The only thing you can do. You have to follow your wife.”




by K Cheryl Mwanza | Episode #11

Cynthia Mare walked into the Homicide Department. She peeked into the working area, and locked eyes with Detective Inspector Qiniso Dhlamini. She swallowed hard as she began to walk toward the detective who was holding a rag in one hand, and a mighty marker in another. Her eyes never left Cynthia as she approached her.

They weren’t the nicest of friends, they weren’t even friends. From the moment they had met, there had been a lot of friction between them.

“Arh-Celeste and Danai came to my house and arh-I looked through the articles about ladies of the night and violence. I’m going to need something specific because in those five months I wrote almost a hundred articles about that.”

“Did any of the women die as a result of the violence?”

“In the articles that made it to the paper, no. But a month ago I wrote an article that could have catapulted me to stardom. But Sasha Mubaiwa threatened to sue me till I bled money from my nose if I ran with it.”

“Take a seat.” Dhlamini said pointing at a desk that was closest to the board. She then sat on top of the desk as she held a small black book in hand.

“Martin Gondo-“

“As in Public Prosecutor Evelyn Gondo’s son?”

“Yes, him. He was going out with a woman who doubled as a lady of the night in the Avenues. A month and half ago, the woman was bashed to death by a John who had picked her up for the night-“

“Why would Sasha Mubaiwa threaten you?”

“She is Martin’s lawyer. Has been since she retired as a High court judge. Anyway, she didn’t want her client’s name to be associated with a lady of the night.”

“Do you still have notes on that story?”

“I do.” She said as she opened her bag. She took out a sealed plastic bag, and handed it to the detective.

Dhlamini received it then immediately opened it.

“Why would you need this?”

“It might be important for our case.” Dhlamini answered already into the case. “Thank you.”


Hunyani Creek was a high density location that was located along the Harare-Bulawayo Highway and right across the road from the National sports stadium. The suburb was divided into two, there was an area with nicely built, though tightly packed houses everyone referred to as the Creek. Away from the road and deep in the suburb, were the slums and the squatters and the heart and soul of the whole community.

When Debra had started seeing Nyasha Mtandwa, he had moved her from the slums, and had bought her a house in the Creek. He could have bought her a house anywhere. Infact he wanted to buy her a house in a nice place, but Debra wasn’t unable to get her mother to leave the Creek. And since she was fifteen when she the affair started, her mother had threatened Mtandwa with reporting him for statutory rape if he had continued on forcing Debra to leave.

What he had done however, was extent two rooms to the five that came with the house, had a brick durawall around the house and furnished it as expensive as he could. Mrs. Chimhepo was now reaping from where her daughter had sowed.

When Dube arrived in the Creek in the heat of the afternoon, Mrs. Chimhepo had her grandson strapped to her back and was leaning over an open fire cooking beans. With her was her daughter-in-law, who was doing laundry by a sink not so far from where she was.

Dube’s black Nissan Navara had drawn a lot of attention in the neighborhood and by the time it parked in front the Chimhepo residence, news of it had filtered to them. Now everyone else wanted to know what the car was doing there, and if it had anything to do with Debra. There were a lot of rumors about her in the area, especially after she had a baby out of wedlock, and was suddenly able to attend the Hunyani Creek Vocational Training School. After all, her mother wasn’t working and neither was she.

“I want to have a word with that man!” Mrs. Chimhepo spat out as soon as Dube entered. “What is he thinking sending someone in the afternoon like this!”

“Excuse me?”

“Amai, please.” Amai Nico, the daughter-in-law, said as she stood next to her mother. Wiping her wet hands against her skirt she continued, “Let the woman speak. After all, it’s Mtandwa’s fault, not hers.”

“I’m not here because of Mr. Mtandwa. I’m here because of Debra Chimhepo. I was told she lives here.”

“I’m her mother. Why would you need to see my daughter?”

“Ma’am, I’m detective chief inspector Tanaka Dube and I’m with CID: Homicide-“

“Homicide?” Amai Nico asked as she held on to her mother-in-law. “You might want to sit down for this, amai.” She said as she went inside and came back with two stools.

“What are you talking about?”

“I’m sorry ma’am, but we found your daughter murdered.”


Cynthia Mare met up with Nashe Matinya at Nashe’s house, and shared with her what had happened at the police station. Since she was under Nashe’s wing, she had started doing things like Nashe, which meant she had kept a copy of the file that she had given to Dhlamini.

“Why would Dhlamini need this?”

“That is not important. But she was interested in Sasha Mubaiwa, maybe we need to take a look at her. Like look into her deeply.”

“What did, like, the wonder kids tell you about the case?”

“You think I have to ask them?”

“If they tell us anything, like, then we will know where Sasha Mubaiwa fits, like, into all of this and, like, we will know exactly what to look into about her.”

“It won’t be hard to get in touch with them. However, will the police be okay with us prying into the case like this?”

“I thought, like, you wanted to make a name for yourself? How can you do that when you are so afraid of the police?”

“After being arrested and spending a night in the holding cells, I don’t know-I don’t want to be arrested again.”

“This, like, is your case too. The letters are addressed to you.” Nashe said calmly.

Cynthia nodded at everything Nashe said although she wasn’t as enthusiastic as she had been when the first letter had arrived.



Mrs. Chimhepo returned to the cemetery a day after the burial. Standing before her daughter’s grave she could feel her heart breaking. She had cried so much when the detective had come with the news, and she had cried even harder when she had gone to the Mortuary for body identification.

However as the funeral processions went on, her mind slipped into a surreal state and it was as if her daughter was out, like usual, and was going to come back any time now. Even as she was standing infront of Debra’s grave, she found it hard to believe that her daughter was actually gone.

She felt pain inside of her, but was unable to cry for she had cried herself dry. She sighed as she turned away from the grave and began making the long journey home. She had lived all her life with her daughter and wasn’t looking forward to life without her. Her son had come back to live with her, and with him his wife, Amai Nico, and their two children. Mrs. Chimhepo had smiled when they had told them about their plans to stay, but having them with her was a painful reminder that Debra was no longer with her.

She arrived home, and found Cynthia Mare and Detective Mudiwa Chiwenga. They were huddled by the fire with her son and daughter-in-law. The last of the mourners had just left and only close family members had stayed on.


“Mrs. Chimhepo.” Chiwenga said as he got up. “I-“

“You can stay, detective. So can you, Mrs. Mare. Thank you for being here.” She said as she sat in-between her son and daughter-in-law. “My daughter-she was wonderful.”

“Writing about your daughter, I know I didn’t know her personally, but somehow I feel like I know her.” Cynthia said. “She was a good person.”

“I hope everyone will see that. You see, I know that my daughter had flaws, everyone has flaws detective. But I don’t want her to be remembered for those flaws.”

“I have been reading a lot on the author,” Amai Nico began, “Was there a way to prevent what happened to Aunt Debra?”

“It’s not good thinking like that, Amai Nico.” Her husband scolded her. “What good is thinking like that? What we should be asking is what the police are doing to find the killer!”

“My daughter just died. Can we respect that? Please.”

Chiwenga and Mare exchanged looks then both stared into the fire at the same time.



by K Cheryl Mwanza | Episode #10

“Aren’t you kids supposed to be in school?” Detective Chief Inspector Tanaka Dube asked as she opened the door to the Conference room.

Inside was Celeste May and Danai Chaurukwa, their wonder kids, two high school students that were assisting the literature part of their homicide investigation. Two women had been murdered by a killer they had nicknamed the ‘author’ and so far the kids had been right about his behavior. It was unsettling in that, after they had said he was going to kill again, he had killed again, and they had said he wasn’t going to stop. Harare CID was on borrowed time with the case.

“Our first lesson is starting way after the tea break.” Celeste said as she crossed her hands before her chest. “I went through the letter. The author is losing control in his life, and that reflected in the way he handled the second victim.”

“Didn’t that have anything to do with her countering every move he made?”

“Part of it was. Part of it was how she mirrored his mother in those moments. Testing him and pushing him past the point of no return. But the level of rage and anger he showed wasn’t only because of the above. The rage is from his own life that spilled into his safe zone. Remember we said that by killing he is trying to reclaim the control he is losing in his life. He is continuously losing control in his own life which means he is going to up his game, kill a whole lot more women in the most gruesome manner.”

“Why aren’t you saying anything?” Dube said turning to Danai.

“Because he believes the killer is a woman.” Celeste said with sarcasm.

“A woman?”

“Exactly what I said. He is basing that on the fact that only a woman would see past Laura’s physical hotness to the beauty of her personality or something like that.”

“A woman?” Dube repeated.

“It makes more sense than looking at the author as a man. We initially said the author was killing the mother he saw in these women. But in the second letter, the author says, if your parents has raised you right, maybe you would have turned out differently. I believe in as much as she is killing the mother that she sees in these women, as in the perfume, she is also killing these women because they remind her of herself. Here she is trying to make a life of herself. Something that appears perfect, but that is increasingly falling apart. And then she meets women who remind her both of the mother she loves to hate and her true self. She was messed up by her mother, and no matter how much she tried to escape, her past stuck with her and is haunting her as powerfully now as it was back then.”

“I am only going to consider that because in a murder investigation, until proven otherwise, we follow every lead.” She said as she got up. She extended her right hand as she took turns shaking the kids. “If you come up with anything, you will let us know. Right?” She said with a straight face, but she wasn’t sure about them anymore.

“Mrs. Mare said she was going to go through every article she wrote in the last five months that had anything to do with prostitution and violence. She said she was going to get back to us after the weekend. I called Mr. Mare and said she could contact you directly, if that’s okay.”

“Thank you once again.” She said.

“And one more thing. See if you can get the name of the perfume the second victim was wearing. It might come in handy.”


“Do we have anything on our victim?” Dube asked as she entered the working room.

During midmorning it was usually vacant except for today, Detective Keegan Gono was the only one in, and was in front of a computer typing furiously. In front of him was a white board with the pictures of the two victim, a time line in mighty marker including notes scribbled at the corners of the board. When she got near him, he looked up then cleared his throat as he prepared to speak.

Before he could let anything out, Detective Sergeant Brandon Makiwa busted into the room with a khaki file in his hands. “I have looked through High court judges, current and retired going back to 1980 and no one fits the profile the wonder kids gave to us. Sure, they have a murky past with women, but it’s mostly wayward daughters, ex-wives, second wives and secretaries. Half of the judges I have on the list come from very privileged homes. The other half they had to struggle to get where they were, but both parents were present and discipline was of the essence. We need to work another angle.”

“I saw the wonder kids this morning. They suggested that we might be looking for a female killer. Run with that and see what you can get. While you are at it, call Doctor Saidi and have him tell you the perfume that the second vic had on.”

“Sure thing, boss.” He said as he exited.

“A female killer.” Gono shrugged. “That’s new.”

“I now see the mistake in listening to a couple of literature students, but at this moment in the case we don’t have anything to lose by expanding our suspect pool. Do you have anything on the second victim?”

“Yes. I was able to ID her. Her name is Debra Chimhepo. She is 19 years and lives on number 12333 Hunyani Creek.”

“We had her in our system?”

“Yes. Two months ago she was arrested for aggravated assault after a fight with Mrs. Jaylee Mtandwa got a little out of hand.” Gono said clicking on his mouse and displaying very nasty photos of a badly battered woman.

“That’s Jaylee Mtandwa.” Dube exclaimed as she pointed at the screen. “Why would Jaylee fight with a 19 year old from Hunyani Creek? The last I checked Jaylee and her husband stayed in Grandchester, and that’s a world away from the Creek.”

“Well, it might be, but Debra was having an affair with Jaylee Mtandwa’s husband, Nyasha. They even have a three year old child together.”

“They fought because Jaylee had just discovered that her husband had an illegitimate child?”

“Actually, since Jaylee and Nyasha don’t have any children of their own, his child with Debra is his heir.”

“I can see why Jaylee would be bumped by that. A kid from the gutters gave her husband an heir that would one day take everything from her.” Dube swallowed then said, “I’m off to Hunyani Creek, if you need me.”

“There is more, though.” Gono said, “I know it might be a long stretch, but the wonder kids did say that the killer might be female-“

“And you think it might be Jaylee?”

“Well, she just discovered her husband was cheating on her and there’s sure to be trouble in paradise. Not only that, her modelling agency recently dropped her and her boutique went under two months ago. Her life is spinning out of control. It’s stretching it, I know, but it wouldn’t do any harm to bring her in and question her.”

“Bring her in.” She said as she began to walk away.