Terah tearing NUST music apart

Emmanuel Nxongo, a twenty-one-year old currently doing his part two studies in Chemical Engineering is also trying to put his name on the map with his few solo tracks with a stage name of Reezy Terah.

By Nkocy Sithole @grujic_robinho7

Emmanuel Nxongo aka Reezy Terah

National University of Science and Technology is known for producing best academics, athletes, but music has not been one of them and a young artist is slowly rising out of the ashes like a phoenix hoping to reach the skies.

Emmanuel Nxongo, a twenty-one-year old currently doing his part two studies in Chemical Engineering is also trying to put his name on the map with his few solo tracks with a stage name of Reezy Terah.

He has not been able to put himself out there as he would have wanted because of school constraints and other commitments and has been limited to singles only.

“I will start releasing more tracks as in an album when I’m more ready and stable,” says Terah. 

Emmanuel started his music career when he was drawn into his former high school choir. That was when he started his recording sessions.

I started by (singing) joining the choir when I was in form one, that was 2011 but soon dropped out and came back 2015 when I recorded my first solo track,” said Terah.

The former Sandringham High School student released an afro-pop solo track in 2015.

My first track was a love song titled my one and only,” said Terah.

Takudzwa Mutasa, a NUST student is impressed by the quality and determination put in by Terah in his music and that people should take him seriously.

Terah’s songs are nice and they are of good quality and I like the energy he puts in his songs and I hope that people could take him seriously”, said Mutasa.

His latest hit is proving to be a force to reckon with as it is ravaging streams on YOUTUBE.

“My latest single Chihwitsi Chemoyo has more than a thousand streams on YOUTUBE”, said Terah.

One student from NUST by the name of Shelton Nyathi who is studying Risk and Insurance says the music produced by Terah is of a different dynamism.

“The track (Chihwitsi Chemoyo) took me by surprised and a loved listening to it and hope other students can check it out and see how talented the young man is”, said Nyathi. 

Emmanuel is not only a regular artist but he is proving to be a jack of all trades in terms of music genres.

I am into afro-pop, RnB and trap but my heart goes mostly for afro-pop, added Reezy Terah. 

The young artist takes his musical inspiration from himself mostly but American Carter junior is his former inspiration now.

“My inspiration used to be Lil Wayne but now inspire myself”, proclaimed Terah.

In 2017, Terah enrolled with NUST to pursue a degree in Chemical Engineering.

Terah is a young man who has his life planned out, how he desires it to be after his varsity life”.

I do have my life set out the way I would wish it to be like but for now I cannot really tell you my aspirations but only that I want to live in the moment,” maintains Terah.

Terah lamented the lack of recognition of the art in the institution as he feels it is looked down upon.

At NUST we can see that they introduced Campus Awards for slay queens and best couples but not even one for musicians,” said Terah.

Reezy Terah also feels that the money in the industry is not healthy to take care of one.

In Zimbabwe there is no money and it is not enough to sustain you as a career, Terah pointed out.

Not only is he (Nxongo) is he an artist but also an artist activist in the institution.

“At the moment I have worked so hard to be indirectly but part of the current SRC under entertainment Committee and I push as an artist activist,” Terah said.

With this initiative, it has actually helped other artists to be recognised and push for other supporting programmes in the institution.

We have supported the initiative of Open Mic Sessions and on Miss Nust the after party will be full hands on powered by NUST artists,” Terah pointed out.

Terah feels like artists in NUST and Zimbabwe as a whole have to be themselves so as to improve the state of the genre (afro-pop).

“I think more of the artists in my genre should try to be natural and stop copying Nigerians and until then Zimbabweans will take us (musicians) seriously”, said Terah.


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