Getting to grips with your last lap at varsity.

As you wrap up this episode in your life, remember to leave no room for regrets. Do what you can now and do your best.

by Thando Nkomo| Nust-ZW | @careerfactoryzw

Four years at university can seem like a drag, but when you’re in your final year you won’t help but muse at how fast the years have slipped by.

You’re suddenly no longer that wet-behind-the-ears freshy who was stumbling around campus trying to handle assignment deadlines, peer pressure and nasty arrogant lecturers.

You’re in control now. Like wine you have matured. And with maturity you’ve become less carefree.

You’re a senior now and every decision you make is like a gold coin thrown into your piggy bank.

You need to ensure that you finish well.

Now more than ever, you need to make a positive impression to your lecturers and peers.

When you’re looking for that all important first job, they’ll prove to be a very useful asset.

They’ll be the ones you put on your list of references at the bottom of your CV so would be employers can contact them to know more about you.

Or better yet, they may be your next boss.

Creating the right impression then means the quality of your work and behavior must reflect the matured kind-of-person that you are now.

You must get over the hangover of thinking that you’re still a baby – no one respects a little girl or boy in a grown-up’s body.

Your work must reflect the deep critical thinking of a polished up soon to be varsity graduate.

In your absence you must be missed for your intellectually stimulating discourses.

Your peers must love to hate you because of your knack for excellence that reduces them to mediocrity.

You must learn to carry yourself like master because even though you are not there yet, you have abandoned childishness.

Respect yourself and your ideas. No one will respect you if you don’t believe in your intellectual beauty.


Just as any athlete will testify, the last lap is the most taxing. Your energy levels may be low and you may be disillusioned by the prospect of failure.

Hold on. You can make it.

All you may need is a breather – away from books and people.

Find a space and spot for you to rejuvenate – it’s not a cardinal sin to tire.

If you have a few dollars on you, spoil yourself into a good mood – you’ll find yourself back on track.

At the end of it all, remember, varsity is not so much about getting good grades.

It’s about meeting people and creating meaningful relationships that can spur you into worth your while future.

It’s about creating and sharing memories – so you look back and sigh at how you made it to today.

Come to think of it – It’s really about growing up!

As you wrap up this episode in your life, remember to leave no room for regrets. Do what you can now and do your best.

Thando Nkomo is Public Relations Lecturer, Researcher and strategist. He is also the Director of Career Factory, a Career Management Consultancy. Contact him on email:; Follow him on twitter @careerfactoryzw & facebook @careerfactoryzw

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